Empire - Gore Vidal

Empire - Gore Vidal

Empire - Gore Vidal

 · Empire is the fourth historical novel in the Narratives of Empire series by Gore Vidal, published in 1987. The novel concerns the fictional newspaper dynasty of half-sibling characters Caroline and Blaise Sanford.

 · The Narratives of Empire series is a heptalogy of historical novels by Gore Vidal, published …

 · Gore Vidal's Empire, another installment in the Narratives of Empire series, advances the story to the turn of the century. America has just won the Spanish-American War and is flexing its muscles as a world power abroad, while Theodore Roosevelt inaugurates a period of progressive reform domestically. Caught in the whirlwind of politics and upheaval are sisters Caroline and Blaise Sanford, who inherit a failing newspaper and …

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Empire by Gore Vidal From Empire, by Gore Vidal, 1987. (Novel 4 in the 7-novel "Narratives of Empire" series.) Empire, set in 1898-1907, concerns American politics, journalism, and manners in the age of Presidents William McKinley and Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. Gore Vidal Pages - Empire by Gore Vidal In these Vidal rants endlessly about the National Security State and the American Empire…

"Empire" is a very fine historical novel authored by Gore Vidal and published in 1987, when Gore Vidal was in his early 60s. It is a sequel and somewhat of a continuation to other historical novels, but is nonetheless a stand alone novel. It is full of wry humor, historical figures and historical and cultural references, many of which I needed to look up. Although mostly easily comprehended ...

The Narratives of Empire series is a heptalogy of historical novels by Gore Vidal. Published between 1967 and 2000, they chronicle the history of Vidal's "American Empire", from dawn to decay, by interweaving the private stories of two fictional American families with the public stories of …

Eugene Luther Gore Vidal was an American writer and public intellectual known for his epigrammatic wit, patrician manner, and polished style of writing. Vidal was openly bisexual and his novels often dealt with LGBT characters, which was unusual at the time. Beyond literature, Vidal was heavily involved in politics. He twice sought office—unsuccessfully—as a Democratic Party candidate, first in 1960 to the United States House of Representatives (for New York), and later in 1982 to the U.S. Senate (for California).

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Gore Vidal was a brilliant writer and political analyst. His insights into the ways in which powerful corporations dictate the spectrum of dialog in the United States remain pertinent, as do his many indictments of the failure of the Democrats to live up to their unmerited reputation as the "progressive party." His biting critique of the racism and imperialism inherent in religious fundamentalism still describes much of the American church as it leads the fight against women, Muslims, and ...

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Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal

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